Blogs » Rants by ZMan » Never Waste a Good Crisis or Just Do It!


Rahm Emanuel has been quoted saying to never waste a good crisis. Well with oil gushing into the gulf, the administration is certainly practicing what it preaches. Now don't get me wrong, BP is at fault and needs to pay to fix the problem, but it seems ludicrous to me that we are having congressional hearings to point the finger, focusing on prosecution and lawsuits, allowing bureaucratic BS to hinder efforts to solve the problem, all the while using the crisis to push for "cap and trade", stopping all drilling operations, etc.

The US Coast Guard idled 16 oil sucking vessels because they couldn't determine if they had the proper life vests and fire extinguishers aboard, we are not allowing Dutch and other foreign vessels from helping the cleanup because of the 1920 Jones Act, the Corp of Engineers would not allow the construction of burms to protect the coast line without an environmental study. COME ON!!!!!Doesn't anyone in government have the guts to say "whatever it takes, just do it!"

Let's focus on stopping the leak and cleaning up the damage using whatever resources are available. Doesn't that make more sense than all the current political posturing?

I heard an analogy the other day, if a heart patient dies during an operation, certainly a tragic event, do we stop performing all heart surgeries? This is an awful tragedy both in loss of life and in environmental and economic damage. Let's not compound it by stopping all drilling and exploration with the resultant loss of jobs and domestic production.

I think all of us want "greener" energy but weren't we all outraged when gas prices approached $5.00 a gallon? Think about that when you rail about oil companies and support "cap and trade". Do you honestly think "green" will be cheap?

You might also consider when calling to "crucify" BP, that you better check your 401K's and IRA's; if you have Vanguard Windsor II, Fidelity Diversified International, T Rowe Price Equity, etc. in your fund, you too are a BP Stockholder. I think it is way past time to forget about the political rhetoric, fix the problem, clean up the mess and work to insure we prevent it from happening again. What do you think?