Blogs » The Red Loft » Question of the Day: Do you plan to be poolside this summer?



The Gary T. Moses Municipal pool had a delayed opening this season due to a lack of lifeguards, but things came together and it seems the pool officially opens this Saturday! I suppose I was especially excited to hear about the Gary Moses pool opening for the summer because when I was growing up, hanging out at my neighborhood pool, the Beverly Hills Swimming Pool, during summer was a daily activity for its residents, especially the kiddos. All the neighborhood kids knew each other from pool-lounging and swim team (We were proud to be the Beverly Hills Barracudas), and most of the friends I met and hung out with regularly throughout elementary and middle, I befriended at the Beverly Hills pool. Looking back, I can't remember a summer I wasn't in the water with my friends.

The Beverly Hills pool is where my girlfriends and I first learned about boys, set up some of our first co-ed group "dates," completed summer reading assignments, and planned the weekend's social calendar (movies, put-put, roller skating, weekend sleepovers). It seems from third grade to eighth grade, me and my friends were at the pool from sunrise to sunset, and sometimes even later. I still remember sleeping in my bathing suit one summer, so I could pop out of bed the next morning and ride my bicycle to swim practice early the next morning.

Sadly, when I was a freshman in high school, a residential developer purchased the land, and built houses over our beloved neighborhood pool. Eventually the neighborhood pool gang moved away, one family at a time. My family included. But I'm so glad I have those summer memories at the pool.

So what about you? Do you plan to visit the Gary Moses pool this summer? Do you plan to pool-lounge at all this summer?