Blogs » The Red Loft » Question of the Day: Should teachers and students be friends on Facebook?


Today's question is brought to you by entertainment reporter Camille Doty. Her article in today's Advocate discusses a Missouri law preventing Facebook interaction between students and teachers, and presents a case for why they should or should not interact on the popular social networking website.

Doty writes: "The new law forbid teachers from having "exclusive access" online with current students or former students who are minors. The social networking restrictions are a broader part of a law protecting students from sexual abuse."

Here's what a few people in Edna have to say about today's question:

"No. I think it would lead to a situation where an inappropriate bond would be formed." Rick Boone, deputy investigator, Edna Image

"No. I think it breaks the professionalism that should remain between teachers and students." Kelly Estrada, self-employed, Ganado Image

"Yes and no. Yes, because it helps to be in contact with each other. But no, because there are scandals where relationships start like that." Michael Barrientos, Ass. Manager Walmart, Port Lavaca Image

"No. Because to me that needs to be an adult-child realationship, not a friendship." Debbie Russell, McDonalds, Edna Image