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If you're like me (wait, make that, any woman) your closet is likely filled with dresses you can no longer wear. Well, I guess you could wear them. But you don't want to. You've worn them too many times.

People have seen you in your dresses and photographed you in them. They've complimented your style, and asked to browse your collection when their next event comes around.

And to avoid throwing out a perfectly good dress you paid way too much money for, you've worn your dresses as many ways as you can think to wear them.

You accessorize with belts and shoes, headbands and jackets, or maybe even wear them with a pair of jeans and flats to demote the "fancy" to a less fancy-schmancy level. You do all this, of course, to avoid the dreaded public fashion foul -- the "Repeat".

The "Repeat" is no bueno. (If you remember, there was an entire "Seinfeld" episode dedicated to the woman who wore the same black and white dress every time Jerry saw her.)

So, that brings me to my new favorite website: The concept is brilliant. Let me say it one more time -- brilliant! Brilliant ... OK, I said it one more time. I'll move on now.

Rent the Runway allows online shoppers to rent designer dresses and accessories (that have been cleaned and sanitized) for a fraction of the price you would pay to own the dress yourself.

And in the world of non-Hollywood dames like myself, the site offers an easy solution for women who always convince themselves if they spend $XXX(X) on a dress, they'll wear it again and again. But they never do. Because then, when they attempt to wear that fancy (and crazy expensive) dress again, they'll be spotted and instantly branded with a Scarlet "R" -- for REPEATER!

And at this point in my life, I don't think there's ever going to be an occasion where I would spend $800-$2,000 on a dress that I can truly only wear one time (wedding dresses not included).

So Rent the Runway offers a perfect solution. Everyone can afford $50-$80 for a fancy-schmancy dress for a hot date, wedding, black tie event, prom, anniversary (insert your event here).

When you're done, send it back. And when you're ready to wear another dress, rent another dress. Your friends will think your wardrobe and fashion sense is amazing.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think. Then let's host a South Texas adult prom for those who want to get gussied up, drink martinis, and dance the wobble with their friends. Cheers to that!