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It wasn't so long ago that I remember the back to the school, end of summer, dread. Not because I didn't want to go back to school and see my friends, I just hated saying goodbye to summer. In elementary and middle school, summer meant three long months of morning swim team practice, afternoon bike rides with my bestie Brittany, who lived on the other side of the neighborhood, and staying up as late as I wanted (which meant about 11 p.m. until my father screamed at us from his bedroom across the hall to stop giggling and go to bed.) In high school, summer was about spending time with friends without parental supervision, driving our own cars to parties and events, and going on dates for the first time. Who wanted to say goodbye to that?

Those days are gone now. Sadly, summer vacation doesn't exist in adulthood. I guess I'm still having trouble saying goodbye.

But what about you? What was the hardest part about going back to school for you?

Here's what a few people in Victoria had to say:

"Getting organized," Crystal Howard, student, Victoria

"Sitting at home alone while the kids are away," Christopher Hosey, Rooms to Go, Victoria

"Waking up early" T.J. Collins, unemployed, Victoria