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Image Me and photo intern Amanda spent the evening at Jaguar Hall reporting on the student's reactions to the Super Bowl commercials.

Afternoon Everyone!

Did you notice the lights went out in Victoria last night? The roads were still, stores were empty. But restaurants and homes were packed with eager spectators of Super Bowl XLVI. All over town, Super Bowl watchers situated themselves early in the afternoon at a party or central location to watch the NY Giants face off against the New England Patriots. Giants won! Sorry Patriots' fans :(

There were some good highlights of the game last night -- that I mostly watched in increments running back and forth between story assignment and the office. (Don't be surprised by the notes below. I'm not a huge football girl. I watch the game for the commercials and to have an excuse to eat pizza. Sad, but true).

SUPER BOWL HIGHLIGHTS ACCORDING TO JP: -- Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem -- Madonna's weird cheerleading-themed half-time show. -- M.I.A. trying to gain post-game day press by flicking off the cameras. -- The commercials: Specifically the Audi "Twilight" commercial and the Elton John/Flavor Flav Pepsi commercial and the Doritos commercial with the dog. -- the NY Giants' game-winning touchdown with 57 seconds remaining. -- Hanging out with my girlfriends after the game. (What? It does count!)

But enough about what I thought of the game. I want to hear from some of you die hard football enthusiasts. What was your favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday?

Here's a commercial recommended by Victoria resident Jonathan Williams: Here Wego!