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I remember the first time my father took me to a Broadway musical in New York City. I was 13 years old, and we saw "42nd Street." I can still hear the tap dancing; I can still see the sequined, silver and gold costumes moving in harmony with the music. The lights, the dancing, the set designs -- it was unlike any performance I'd ever seen.

In my family, we saw and participated in a lot of theater-type shows. My grandfather was a dancer, my father a musician, writer and artist, my sister acted and danced for many years all over the country, and I've danced, sang and written and recorded music since I was 14 years old. And, you know, I write other things, too. ;-) But the list goes on and on of cousins, aunts and uncles with creative blood running through their veins.

And even though I grew up in a family of artists, musicians, performers, photographers, and dancers, until that moment on Broadway with my father, I thought I knew what good performance was about. I didn't.

My father, a native of the Bronx, took us to the city many times through the years. We visited for fun, we visited for family, we visited for the holidays. And to this day, whenever I return, the one must-do activity I always want to do when I get there is go see a Broadway musical. I don't care what I see, or where we see it. I don't care if it's a sit-in-the-nose-bleed section, buy-the-tickets-from-the-con-artist-in-the-alleyway, not-yet-a-household-name-matinee-show -- If it's on Broadway, I want to go. For me, the experience of Broadway makes traveling to New York City worthwhile.

Last week, my sister told me about a new show on NBC that she was certain I'd love. We don't exactly share the same taste in television, so I was skeptical I'd enjoy it. But the more she told me about "Smash," a new (non-reality) show about making it on Broadway and the process of creating the musical "Marilyn," (after the one and only Miss Monroe), I knew I'd have to check it out.

She was right. I loved the show! Episode 1, amazing! Episode 2, amazing! And last night's episode 3, incredible!

"Smash," featuring Debra Messing, "American Idol" Katharine McPhee, Anjelica Houston and other PHENOMENAL signing and dancing talents, aired three weeks ago. And only three weeks in, "Smash" has stolen my heart. The lights, the dancing, the singing, the creativity and ingenuity pouring from scriptwriter's pens, it takes me back to that first Broadway show with Daddy, watching in awe as "42nd Street" made me a lifelong lover of all things Broadway.

Here are my favorite scenes of "Smash" ... Enjoy!

Check out the "Smash" trailer here.

Check out the "21 Century Fox Mambo" scene here

Check out the "Let Me Be Your Star" scene here

Check out the "Call Me" scene here

Check out the "National Pastime" scene here.