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I never competed in a Spelling Bee growing up, but I'm fairly certain if I had, I wouldn't have done well. And even now, as an adult, I'm still not sure I'd do well at a spelling bee. Yes, I write for a living, blah, blah, blah. But ... you know, because I write for living, I've formed a close attachment (the unhealthy, co-dependent kind), with my "spell check" and online dictionary. We're friends. We're tight. We work together daily.

So if I were to ever compete in an adult spelling bee (do they have those?) I would probably feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety -- as I stood before a panel of stoic judges waiting for me to spell "bourgeoisie" -- if I couldn't look the word up, or write it down on paper before spelling the word with confidence. I'm one of those people who needs to write things down. Math, spelling, I need pencils, people.

But there are a few brilliantly visual kids in the Crossroads who definitely have a gift for spelling. If you get a chance to read Kayla Bell's article on the 2012 spelling bee lineup in Wednesday's Advocate, you'll see a brief description of the 27 elementary and middle school kids who will compete today at Victoria College for a chance to move forward to a national competition in Washington D.C. And what a great opportunity for them to see the nation's capital!

So, that brings me to today's question of the day. If you entered a spelling bee competition, how do you think you'd fare?