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Morning all,

If you haven't already heard the news, or seen a copy of today's front page, yesterday was a sad day in the Crossroads. There were six tragic fatalities from car wrecks, each in the daytime, each unrelated. Advocate employees were saddened by the news. There was genuine, heartfelt concern for the families of those who lost their lives. Those are the hard days to be a journalist.

With so much tragedy in Victoria yesterday, we're asking you, "What lessons can we learn from this?"

Here's what some are saying about the events ...

"Be safe on the roads in general, and try not to do anything stupid," Kristin Janecka, student, Victoria 

"We need to get back to the basics as far as being a defensive driver. We need to look in mirrors and look over your shoulder, and concentrate on the road." Ray Trevino, San Antonio, sales, 

"You've got to slow down. You might want to hug your kids because it may be the last time," Darrell Marques, Cibolo, sales, 

"The driver education program in Texas sucks, and there should be more focus on driver education. I would pay more taxes for it, too," Josh McFall, San Antonio, auto marketing.

"We need to have more supervised, required hours behind the wheel, and start with  teenagers. The education is great thing, especially for high school kids," Matt Vandervoort, Victoria, student,