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I didn't grow up around hurricanes. In Georgia, we prepare for tornadoes. But I've lived in two states where hurricane preparedness was part of the culture. And I've learned a few tips on the best way to handle myself if I were to find myself in the path of devastating storm: Prepare a to-go bag, have a plan for my dog, fill my car with gas, leave early. Of course, would I actually do these things in the event a storm touched down? Who's to say. Hopefully, I would think ahead. East Coasters are currently evacuating New Jersey and New York and surrounding areas in preparation for Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to hit Atlantic City sometime in the next 24 hours. They're buying up water and other supplies, and figuring out the best plan for getting through the storm. Since we live in a hurricane area, I'm sure you all have plenty of good advice about getting ready for a hurricane. What lessons have you learned?

Here's what a few people in Edna had to say:

"Keep plenty of water and drugs around." Georgia Keith, Edna, retired

"Board up the house, get the pets somewhere safe and stock up on supplies. And don't wait until the last minute." Felton Hopes, Edna, operator

"You've got to be packed up, and your car needs gas. I would get food and water and make sure the kids have what they need." Felicia Laird, Edna, housewife

"Get out early," Brittany Johnson, Port Lavaca, caregiver