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Happy Halloween! I can't believe this year is almost over, and the holidays are around the corner.

Tonight many of you will be taking your kids around the city in search of tricks and treats, or dressing up and attending some lovely Halloween get-together.

But for me, I'll be staying in, and viewing my favorite goblin flick, "Hocus Pocus." "But it's not scary?" You might be wondering. You're right. It's not. It's the farthest thing from scary.

But you see, I have real difficulty watching horror movies. Close your ears if you're sensitive to girlish phrases, but, scary movies give me bad dreams.

It's true.

The last attempt I made to watch a scary movie was "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" about six years ago, and I couldn't sleep for weeks.

Wait, I just remembered a friend of mine brought a scary dog movie to my house a couple of years ago, but I fell asleep half way through. Does that count?

Anyway, I know the horror movies are popular among all generations and I have many friends who enjoy being scared via cinema.

But I have trouble with it. Every time I've attempted to watch a horror movie, I scream and grab people in the theater. Or I turn my head quickly when something jumps out at me, and I whip the sides of my friends faces with my hair. It's not pretty.

I told myself a few days ago, maybe it's time to try a horror movie again. Maybe I should man-up and force myself to go back to the theater and try out some new gore flick in the spirit of Halloween. Of course, I wouldn't really know where to start.

So for all you goblin and gore fanatics, what's a good scary movie recommendation? Come tell me your response, I'll be at Hastings this morning. Stop on by for a chance to be in Wednesday's Advocate answering our question of the day: "What's your favorite scary movie, and why?" See you there!