Blogs » The Red Loft » Question of the day: Do you think we are more or less protected against terrorism in 2011?


Yesterday our nation mourned. On the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, citizens, law officials and civic leaders gathered nationwide to observe a moment of silence for the nearly 3,000 souls who died in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. There were speeches and the playing of taps. There were somber faces and name readings of the fallen.

It was the worst act of terrorism to date on U.S. soil, and 11 years later, we are still struggling to move on. While there hasn't been any additional attacks since 9/11, the residual guck from that day continues to linger. Airports take longer, profiling of innocent Arab-looking folks continues in public and private, our military continues to fight a long, exhausting war ovesees, which regardless of how you feel about it, contributes greatly to our economic struggles.

But some would argue we're better off now than we were 11 years ago. Some would argue that we've killed Osama bin Laden, and we're beginning to bring troops home. Some would say we're at least more prepared today to deal with such terrorist attacks, should al-Qaeda, or another terrorist organization strike again.

What do you think? Are we better off in 2011 than we were in 2001?

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