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Allow me to introduce you to my favorite group of McDonald's employees:


For two years, this bunch has welcomed me at their restaurant, sometimes twice a week, while I'm ranging in Edna (which is just a fancy word for sending reporters beyond Victoria into surrounding counties so they can meet readers and learn about what's going on in their communities).

Since I'm assigned to cover/range in Jackson County, I'm often in Edna -- and I'm most often at the Edna McDonald's.

I always look forward to a warm welcome from this crew, and the patrons, who look forward to knowing what the Advocate's QUESTION OF THE DAY will be. Without fail, every time I enter the Edna McDonald's Josh Arias (the guy flashing the peace sign on the top left) will shout at me, "What's the question, Mama?" Sometimes, he does this from across the restaurant. Giggles ensue.

If you're ever in Edna, stop by the McDonald's. Be nice to my friends. They're a pretty cool bunch!

Here are the newest managers: