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Image Dear Body of Christ and those who don't know Him yet,

Too many times we get sidetracked by doctrine which has disagreement in someones denomination. Go back to basics: Look at the beautiful creation of God. Fruitful valleys, lush forests, magnificent mountains, wide canyons rushing blue-green streams, colorful flowers, the miraculous birth of a baby, conception itself is a miracle.God made all these things and processes. He is so mighty.We should be Praising Him. He loves us all and sent His only-begotten Son to teach us about Him, tell us about a Kingdom and inspire us to live free and yet give up our selfish ways. Jesus is the embodiment of God's love. He wants you to love Him and learn about Him. When you soak up knowledge and love about Jesus you cannot help but be drawn into a relationship with Him. He knows you inside and out. You cannot fool Him. He wants your love. Just tell Him right now that you love Him. If you have not accepted Him as your Lord please read Romans10:8-10 and then talk to Him. Tell him what you just read and give a prayer from the heart. You will be born again! If you had walked away from Jesus many years ago, you will experience being filled with the Holy Spirit. Get a touch of Jesus today. He may come back tomorrow!



I have a slight correction to the story: It said I was praying for their religious conversion. More accurately " I pray they be brought out of religion and into a relationship with Jesus Christ."