8 a.m. -Today is a huge day when we expect the TX delegation to take the lead in fighting the proposed changes in the rules.

They are basically seen as a hostile takeover of power from the grassroots by Washington insiders. Also, the credentials committee will come under fire because of the unseating of half of the Maine delegation.

Jeremy Blosser of North Texas has become quite a hero to many because of his tireless work on behalf of the grassroots in many states, not just Texas. Our own representative Dr. Ron Paul is to be honored in a tribute for his many contributions to our country. Although not expected to be the nominee, he remains a favorite figure with many convention participants.

There was an impromptu rally of delegates and alternates on the convention floor this afternoon which very quickly tripled in size, with folks wearing Romney buttons joining in.

8:32 a.m.- RPT just announced that we were not signing on to the letter opposing the Rules changes because the RNC removed the change to rule 15. The TX delegation is very unhappy about it, and it's being debated. The majority wants to reject the so-called compromise deal, and vote for the minority report, rejecting changes to both Rule 12 and 15. With Rule 12 in place, the RNC can change whatever they want.