Atheism gets a bad rap. Non-believers are lumped in with Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, et al, etc, ad nauseum. The fact is that Hitler was a mystical pagan christian; Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot, North Korea's Kims and many other dictators run not atheistic regimes, but rather cults of personality. That's why Kim Jong Il's daddy is the "Eternal President" of North Korea, Lenin's dried up, hard to maintain corpse is still in it's temple in Red Square, and Mao's avuncular image still hangs on just about every wall in China. Atheists by definition don't believe in ANY GODS--manufactured or superstitious. Period. That means none of these dictators were actual atheists--they demanded believe in either themselves or there perverse ideology. Atheism rejects belief in any god or god substitute. This is whyI personally not only don't believe in God, I will go so far as to say I know NO god or gods even exist.

How do I know?

Reason, unfettered by shallow, primitive, superstitious ideas of the supernatural. Reason buttressed by the empirical method shows us that there are no verifiable miracles, no evidence of divine intervention in the natural world and that the prevalence of answered prayer is no greater than what would be expected by pure chance. If you doubt my contention, think about this conundrum: "Why won't your god heal amputees?" By heal I mean, re-grow the severed limb with no intervention by modern medical practice. Why won't he? He'll heal Aunt Maude's ingrown toe nail, or the boil on your butt, buthe will not restore a limb to a brave US soldier, sailor, marine or airman? That's a pathetic track record for an "almighty god."

But this just speaks to a much larger issue. We have lots of subjective testimonies, experiences and large claims about what god did, does and supposedly will do, but no extraordinary evidence--evidence that just a few miraculously regrown amputated limbs would certainly supply. But its not going to happen. It never happened in the past, it hasn't happened in the present and I can guarantee it will not happen in the future--unless science makes it happen.

Folks, you are not dumb people. You all have jobs that require engagement with reality each and every day to do your work. Just apply that reality to this god nonsense, and you will know what I know--there is no invisible guy in the sky.