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Once upon a time, many of the natural phenomena that we take for granted, were thought to be caused by god or gods. Thunder and lightening--very, very, frightening--was the wrath of Zeus, or Thor, or Yahveh or a thousand other now nameless and forgotten gods from cultures long dead and cold. Disease, earthquake and other natural catastrophes were too often considered to be the wrath of some god or another. Now however, things are different--save among the very fundamental believers.

Science has shown that all these things--these engines of divine displeasure and wrath--are in fact caused by entirely natural--not supernatural forces. For instance disease is caused by microbes, toxins or other entirely mundane factors. Yet irregardless of this reality, people continue not only to worship THE INVISIBLE GUY IN THE SKY (TIGITS), they attribute to him, her, it or they, the cure to their disease, their escape from danger or any favorable occurrence.

Why not thank the Doctor for the scientific medicine that allowed ones disease to be treated? Why not thank the meteorologist for giving us a heads up that severe weather might occur? Or the engineers and physical scientists who make all of modern life possible? God did nothing to improve life for thousands of years--and he continues to do the same to this very day. It was human beings throwing off the shackles of ignorance, superstition and religion that found all these answers to our common human problems.

When is the last time a god or gods regrew a severed limb--in an entirely supernatural fashion? Should not those who claim to REALLY believe in TIGITS, eschew the MD's and other miracles of the modern age and just trust their version or versions of TIGITS to heal their aliments? If he, she, it or they really existed, why would they not grant what the christian bible, as an example, so often promises--healing from disease etc? Why is the first place believers go when they are sick is the Doctor and not the preacher? Because they know deep down in their heart of hearts that Brother Billy Bob's praying isn't about to cure their cancer or other disease.

Isn't it time we all woke up and appreciated the cultural importance of religion, but realized that it is in the same category as fairy tales and other things we now rightly consider myth and legend.