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So I attended the soap box on the square today. And while I found it interesting and enjoyed the comments from the VA editor and Gary Moses(yeah go Gary). I was disappointed that there wasn’t a bigger turn-out.. The music was great and I did meet some of the people with whom I have enjoy dialog with,. However some of the people who are the most vocal on the comments and blog sections were not there Now I must say I did leave after one hour, so if I did missed you cause you got there late(sorry). And I know some of you had to work But for the rest ,I am not going to call you out by name (you know who you are) but if you are going to put your comment up on the board ,the least you could do is turn out to defend them. As I said I did meet some of the people that I have read or spoke with on the VA site. And they all seemed like nice people,> But as Gary said we need to share and give back to the community, even if it’s just a comment in the paper we are involving ourselves in the process. By making people aware of something that they didn’t know about the community or just giving a shout out is good enough. We don’t all have to agree or be best buds, but thru dialog we can help make things better. And don’t forget to vote