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So the pres. Has decided to open more dialog with Cuba. He has also loosened some of the travel restriction placed on Americans who have relatives there. Well I think it’s time someone made this step. Cuba (ie castro) has made some bad decisions in the past. He warmed up to The Soviet Union back in the day.(really years ago) and he found out that wasn’t really a good thing. His country lost respect and trade of his Pan American neighbors as well as the US. And his country has floundered ever since .I also think had we tried a different approach with him, that he would have maybe jumped back on our side. But by rebuffing him at every chance, he turned defiant and took it personally. And just as with any one who has been found wrong. The more we pushed Cuba the more defiant he became. Right or not he decided he wasn’t going to be pushed around by the big kid in the neighborhood. But now he (and we) have a chance to change things. Yeal I know Castro and his regime (brother) are not the brightest stars in the sky. But by giving them the feeling that they are making the decisions maybe they will see that we(the US) can and will be a lucrative friend and partner . At least I hope so, Cause I want to vacation in Cuba before the prices go up to high.