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Last night I finally got around to watching Marley and me. I had been putting it off, cause I knew the dog dies in the end. And I have been traumatized since I was a child from watching Old Yellow. Well nothing has changed, I was traumatized again. I have got to stop watching sad movies about Dogs and Kids. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was a good movie, But trying to hide my sweating eye balls from my wife(cause I don’t want her telling my friends) was not fun. I guess maybe I got that way cause I had to put down a great dog(Simba) about a month ago. He was 18 y/o,yelp that’s not a typo . He was 18 ,a very old dog. He was deaf, blind and had trouble getting around so bad that I had to pick him up so he could eat. Of course I lied to myself about him, telling myself he was doing good and that I could take care of him for years to come. But I finally saw how much pain he was in and convinced myself what I had to do. So came the morning of the last day of his life I started off the day by holding him and crying.(I mean eye balls sweating) and telling him how much we loved him. I finally got him to the vet and was doing good until they tried to comfort me and I broke down and lost it. People I have saw lots of bad stuff in my life. I have been in accidents, I have been to war and lost friends there, I have lost family members. But I don’t think I have ever lost it that bad. So I after watching Marley and me I got to thinking about life and dogs and friends and family. I guess maybe losing a great dog is one of lifes lessons. Like losing your first love or your Mom and Dad,or all your savings and having to start all over again. And I think maybe if there is no pain in your life you don’t appreciate The real joys of your life. Like having a dog that lived 18 years.