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I'm a klutz. My dad said they should have named me Grace for well, my lack of it. I run into doors, walls and chairs all the time. However, this rarely continues into my running life. Yes, I'm mostly a klutz when walking, while running I like to say I'm more graceful.

Except for today.

I got up this morning, played some angry birds (yes, I'm addicted) and got ready to run. Out the door 20 minutes later and ready to go for a leisurely run through the neighborhood.

Then I tripped on the sidewalk and ate concrete.

This is my second time in my running career that this has happened. The last time was in Austin 3 years ago.

So this morning after my initial shock and being sprawled on the concrete and grass, I walked back to my apartment. I said to myself that, that was enough excitement and a workout for the day.

Ten minutes later, half of me was covered in hives. From my shoulder to my ankle. It was again a sign that I am and always will be allergic to grass (sidenote I've known this for years).

One shower later, some claritin and some advil, I decided that for maybe the rest of the week that I won't run and maybe I should stick to the dreadmill, so I avoid eating concrete. That way I can be graceful.