Ten days after my 'accident,' I hit the pavement. I wasn't hesitant. I checked the weather, tied my shoes, turned on pandora and was out the door.

I didn't trip, or fall in the grass, I hit a stride and tried to continue for the two miles I planned to run. Only problem was my long sleeve shirt.

One of the many rules of running, if you follow them, is layers. Always dress like it's hotter than it is outside. That means leaving behind my long sleeve shirt, when it was 58 degrees outside.

But I didn't, I said to myself there will be wind, and nature decided there wouldn't be any.

However, in my 5 years of running, even if you dress in layers or dress like it's hotter outside, doesn't mean you won't get hotter or won't be cold.

A couple of years ago, despite the green on the radar I decided to run in 40 degree weather at 5 a.m. It was a very bad idea. Within 2 miles, it poured rain. I was drenched within minutes and I continued my 6-8 mile run (yes, I'm crazy like that). But when I left the house, I assumed that the rain would not come until after my run.

It was bad luck and I look a little more closely at the radar now, but it doesn't always predict everything.

So I suggest that you go with your gut, dress how you want, and get a feeling for it. If you get hot because of that long sleeve shirt at certain temperature, you know for next time. And in the end it's all about how you feel.

I've seen people in 70 degree weather run in long pants and tank tops, I consider them crazy, but it works for them. So as you get into running, find out what you like to wear in different degree weather and stick to it.