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I've never figured myself as a person that would run Boston. Too many rules and times you have to meet. In my age group 18-34, I'd have to run a time of 3 hours 35 minutes, which is never going to happen. You see, I'm a runner, for the fun, not the competition or speed.

I'm not out for awards or medals (though I may be running for another tattoo). I'm not coached because I don't want anyone yelling at me. I'm there to run with my fellow runners and feel accomplishment that I am an endurance runner. So Boston alas is a marathon that is too high for me and I'm ok with that.

But all I've read weekly on running tweets, magazines and in blogs is about Boston, so maybe I've gotten a little Boston fever.

I want to see who wins. Will it be an American this year? Could Ryan Hall really do it? Or Kara Goucher? And if they do will there be a celebration outside the running community?

So come Monday, I'll be reading tweets when I can, cheering on the runners from afar and running one of my favorite routes. My own little Boston celebration.