I've been contemplating a fitness re-assessment for the past couple of months, but I hadn't done it until today.

I was scared that maybe I hadn't improved like I thought, especially with my flexibility. However, I've lost weight that I wasn't every planning to lose. You see I've been getting healthier, without me noticing it until I stepped on the scale a few weeks ago.

So last week, I scheduled the re-assessment, thinking lets just get this over with. What I found was improvements in almost every area.

I had lost weight, improved strength, lost inches and improved my max VO2. My mouth was on the floor.

The trainer said, "Just improve your strength and you'll be well rounded."

So with a smile, I left.

I realized in the past year, I was getting back to my college fitness level, a goal I had since 2008.

I'm so much closer too it and can't wait to make it come true. But for right now I'm looking at improving my 5k pace this weekend.

One goal at a time.