My first 5k of the year was less than stellar. I might even say that it was my slowest ever.

I felt like the turtle on the course, making slow but steady progress. I could blame the heat, but really it was my lack of training.

You see, training lately has been sporadic. It's either to windy, I'm tired or it's 10 a.m. before I get up. While some of the excuses will work, some of the time, that can't be happening all of the time.

So I've decided I need to get my running groove back. Get back to a 5k time, that I'm happy with and get back to the fast runner I was (well not that fast).

It means interval training, hills and longer runs. It means getting up, when I'd rather sleep in.

I know I can get back the the older runner I was. It may take sometime, but I'm sure I'll be running 5ks under 30 minutes in no time.