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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting 50+ runners at the Run Happy Cavalcade of Curiosities. People were able to be gait tested and win goodies.

The best part was meeting the runners.

You see, I love talking about running. What people's goals are, what marathons they've run, shoes, gear, their experiences and mine. It gives me an adrenaline high just thinking about it (but that could also, my tempo run giving me that right now).

Haven't run a Rock 'n Roll marathon? I'll tell you all about the three I've run, plus the other races I've ran too. My favorite, my first marathon in Phoenix.

Shoes? I wear Brooks.

The tattoo? No, I don't play guitar. It's my marathon tattoo. All the stars are the races I've run.

You see like me every runner has a story. The soccer player turned runner (just like me). The Texas Running store owner who told me a knee surgeon rarely ever sees runners. The soon to be 18-year-old girl who can't wait to run a Rock 'n Roll. The Brooks runner who told me, no those aren't leg warmers on his legs, they help with circulation.

And if I see you in a marathon shirt at the store, I might ask you how it was (just a warning). Because it gives me an idea on if I want to run it too.

So speak running geek to me. I promise to tell you all I know.