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In college, many days were filled with interval runs at the UT gym. I usually watched CNN or ESPN, hoping for something other than the same thing every 20 minutes.

But I always love running outside rather on the dreadmill. However, I never do intervals outside. I can run a tempo or run a long one, but intervals seemed to be lost on the concrete.

After a rather slow winter, I've picked up with one interval run a week. I've gone back to my college day interval runs. Run a pace for 2 1/2 minutes, speed up, 2 1/2 minutes later speed up, etc until 1 mile has gone by.

I've noticed a HUGE distance in the past week. I'm not sluggish and runs come more easily during the week. Not only that but I'm getting faster, which to me is the best thing.

Hopefully, this will continue and my next 5k with be closer to 30 minutes than 40. Then maybe subpar 30 again.