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Julie Sullivan (left) and Bea Harrision (right) direct others to birds they've spotted.

San Antonio Bay Day, celebrating National Estuaries Day, was held on September 29 in Seadrift hosted by the San Antonio Bay Partnership. This annual awareness event reminds us that while San Antonio Bay has had a way of stirring up trouble-- shrimping wars, industrial waste disputes and environmental lawsuits among other things – there are now diverse interests working together to protect this pristine bay on the Texas Coast. It is the winter home to the world's largest wild flock of Whooping Cranes which in itself is reason enough to get involved and be informed. Despite the rain, we had birders and nature photographers come out to enjoy the day with informational exhibits and lunch as part of the event. Professional wildlife and nature photographer Jeff Parker led a photo tour and workshop on improving nature photography skills and Bea Harrison, birding guide, led a birding tour identifying some 28 species of birds, many of them migratory. With better weather we hope to add our kayak, sailing and stand up paddling events next year. So plan ahead, practice your paddling and join us next year to raise awareness about how we can work together to protect, restore and enhance thevaluable environmental resources and human uses of the San Antonio Bay. Visit the SA Bay Partnership website for more information and upcoming events.