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HI ALL, I posted a ad in the victoria advocate classified for pups. I recieved a call from a relay service... At first I thought it was different but nothing to worry about. The caller typed and I was told by the operator what she was typing. She gave me her email and asked me to contact her. I did; she asked for pictures. I sent them. After that is when it got fishy. She emailed me and it is as follows " Hi.. Thanks very much for your response. I would be buying Dog you have for sale so kindly reserve it for me. You have to bear with me that I called with relay service, its because am hearing impaired. I am sending you this email to make final reconfirmation of the Dog which am willing to buy for my son as his birthday present and I also want to let you know that payment will be by certified Check or Money Order. However, I want to alert you on the fact that you will be receiving the Check or Money Order this week or next week and payment will cover your cost and as well as the shipping cost to be paid to the person that will take care of the pickup in your Dog. So please as soon as you receive the payment, get it cashed immediately, deduct the money that accrues to you and send the remaining balance to the Head Office of the company that handles the shipment via Western union. Moreso, I will pay you an extra $100 if you can reserve this for me. So in view of the above, Here are some of the details I will need for final issuance of the Check or Money Order to you. (1) Full Name (2) Mailing address, no please (3) your direct telephone number both home and cell.? {4} Acceptance of my offer (5} Final asking price Once you get back to me with all the above information, the check or money order will be issued out immediately and it will be sent to you. Regards Kimberly Morgan" I googled scams with hearing impaired and there are a few articles but not enough. Please be advised that if they want to send you a money order and "pay you for your trouble" its too good to be true!! I wrote her back and told her she would have to pay cash only....NO RESPONSE!! How sad, to go around scamming people! Anyways, you were warned! Hopes this helps someone!"