About six months ago I started an experiment, mainly because I was bored.

At work we have this boring task of opening the back door so that they can take out the trash. I know what your thinking "why don't you help?" Well normally I would but since I hurt my arm I cannot overhead lift which would mean that I cannot throw a trash bag over my head. So instead of just standing there I began to wave at people I saw driving by. Yes I imitate a royal wave, the "Chuck a deuce" wave, the "tug tug" wave to make a truck horn sound and then just a plain wave. Sadly, very few people waved back.

What has happened that we don't wave any more? Sure we teach our children stranger danger, but we can't wave at people anymore? I find it very odd that we no longer wave, smile or greet each other; especially in small communities where we literally know everybody.

I know in VC it is hard to do seeing that there are more dangers that surround a large city, but where I am from you can list everyone within a four block radius. Yet you see someone friendly waving and we look the other way? Maybe it is just me. I am probably too nice (naive? same thing).

Yes there are dangers in the world, but I'm not one of them. So if you see someone who is propping up a door while others take out trash.. go ahead an wave.. cause Ima be waving first!