I may make some people mad with this one.. but its okay.

Is there any disease that "out does" another? Now think before you answer. Is there a disease that is worse than anohter? Yes there are. Some disease are worse than others in pain levels, in medication levels and in overal living levels; however, does that mean that person's suffering is less?

A while back I put together a Diabetic support event and was very shocked to see how some people reacted. There were actually people who told me that diabetes isn't a real disease..nor should we waste our time. wow. Now I am not going to sit here and compare diabetes to every disease in the world to show its authenticity...I don't have time for that..but I will once again point out the lack of respect..for all people.

Everyone is different (I know, shocking!!) but we are. Just like some children cry when they get shots while others don't; I have even seen a kid laugh.. weird but true. However each child is handled as needed. The same goes for when we are adults. We each have our own health issues to handle. There are people who don't leave a hospital bed because of their illness, yet they smile everyday; but then you have someone who gets the common cold and turns into grumpolopolus (sp?) until they are better. Yes one disease is worse than the other, but each person handles it differently.

I have seen many diseases come through my family, and I have helped all. I have worked with kids for years and have seen more health problems, and I haved helped them. On a level of one to five there will be different levels of diseases, but what we need to look at is that that disease is in a human being. We should respect all people but yet we don't. That is sad. I support diabetes because it has had the most effect on me and my family. My family has seen its share of other diseases, but I chose this one. Does it mean I don't support the others, not in the least; it means that we all have decisions to make and this is mine.

No matter the disease or whether or not you like the person..what matters is the effect you make on people as a whole. You may not like me but can you take a moment and think about what I am doing instead of who I am? I am helping others who have Diabetes. I am a voice for those who cant. I am passionate about finding a cure and better testing techniques..because the thought of have a needle rammed into my 2yr old nephew three times a day makes me sick.

Yes, some diseases are worse than others; but we are all human beings. Diabetes is one of the very few diseases that has no prejiduce.