I am a diabetic.. I could be standing right beside you.. and you would never know. There is no one description of what a diabetic looks like yet we often hear "you don't look like a diabetic"

Truth be told many people think that all diabetics are overweight or, worse, Hispanics only.

Diabetes has no prejudice

Because of these sterotypes diabetics often do not "come out" and say that they are diabetic. Many people actually hide the fact that they are diabetic; and they refuse to take care of themselves.

Being a diabetic is nothing to be ashamed of, it does not mean you have failed in the area of food control, it does not mean you are broken.

It means you have a disease, and that you need to take care of. It means that you are like the millions of others out there in the world that are diabetic.

But it doesnt just lie with me the diabetic. It also means that other non-diabetic people in the world need to be more understanding and more considerate of us.

How you may ask.. well that will be in a later blog. This blog is about breaking the silence. Let your family know, let your friends know, and let your co-workers know. There is nothing contagous or contaminating about yourself, and you should not be afraid of being treated so. You should also let people know because what if something goes wrong with your diabetes while you are at work, or with your friends or at home with loved ones? You don't have to walk up to everyone and say "I am a diabetic".. that would take way too much time.. instead you should wear a medic alert tag that states you have diabetes and what kind. This is a small step in a long journey of dealing with diabetes. Do not be silenced..do not be afraid..intead be strong and heard. One day we will stop diabetes!