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Image What are your thoughts on diabetes?

I know some people have different opinions about what diabetes is like, both negative and positive. But have you really sat and thought about what diabetes is?

If you do have has it changed your life? Has it changed your life? For some people they have to change their pattern of eating, some minor some major. Some people have to begin an exercise routine while others merely add on a couple of laps to their current exercise routine. What has happened to you?

If you family member has has it changed your life? When my mother was first diagnosed we had a major change in our household. We changed out eating habits and we started exercising regularly. I actually enjoyed it, but I think some others in the fam needed more convincing. Oh the first healthy Thanksgiving meal.. everyone thought we were eating "normal"; they didn't know it was healthy. . . it was good and that is all that mattered. Diabetes affects the families. I feel for parents who have to listen to their kids beg them not to do shots, or the numersous runs to the hosptial because glucose levels are either too high or too low. Every disease does a toll on the family.

What is your thoughts on diabetes? You know mine. I hate the disease. If there was anything I could do to get rid of this disease I would do it twice. Thats any disease..because no body should suffer.

Once again, I ask you to join us to walk. We will be in El Campo at Ricebird Stadium . If you know nothing about diabetes, or you dont understand what all the "hype" is about.. come join us.