While Diabetes month coming to a close (that is the month of November) I was the recipiant of wonderful news. I was picked to attend the 2013 Call to Congress! This event takes place in Spring 2013 in Washington DC (of course) and is an advocacy campaign to congress in regards to diabetes. This event is "a unique opportunity for Diabetes Advocates to meet face to face with Members of Congress and their staff to discuss actions Congress must take to Stop Diabetes." This is truely a unique event and one that I want so badly to par take in. The only bad part to my situation is that I was not approved for financial assistance. I have until Dec. 5th to make my decision..and to raise funds. I love a challenge, but I don't know if I can handle this one.
Back in my hay day I would take this challenge and then some. However, recent injuries and well just the disease itself have hindered my abilities. I have been forced to slow down and I truely do not want to. I have gone through a life lesson that was more like a wake up call plus an alarm bell. I am a determined person who does not give up right away. I am not giving up yet.

Therefore, I am asking for support and sponsors. If you make a donation to my cause I will put up your advertisement on all of my social networks (facebook and twitter and various blogs) and I will no doubt sing praises of you and your company. If you need more I will wear your compnay t-shirt (if provided one) once a week in public (not to exceed 4weeks :p) but I will wear it!! This is not a joke. You can contact me here or at my email address: lissiye@hotmail.com Help me get to Washington!