I know we just all love going to our regular doctor visits. You know, the ones where you know you haven't kept your glucose under control so you cringe when the dr orders blood work because you know your A1C is going to be high. Yes we have all been there; but don't hate the dr. Yes it is annoying that this person is telling you what you are doing is wrong..or that you messed up. Do we all mess up sometimes..yes; do we like to hear about it...no. Don't kill the messanger. In fact, you know your body has already been telling you "dude, what are you eating..you're killing me" but we don't want to listen.

Is it hard being a diabetic..yes. Only because some adults and children just do not want to be told what to do. When we see a fast food menu, we want a hamburger with all the trimmings, a large order of fries and huge coke! However, because of the disease, we are pushed to a more heatlhy choice..possibly a grilled chicken sandwich or a grilled chicken snack wrap. These are decisions we have to make, but in truth this is how we should eat period.

Studies have shown that "meals" are actually too much for us! You really do not need fries with that order. And truthfully, we should be eating the portions available in the childrens menu. I know some resturants don't allow it, but hey resturant owners..YOU WILL GE MORE BUSINESS! There are some food businesses that refuse to allow you to order off of their kiddie menu or put an age limit on it or charge you extra. Look, I know you trying to make a profit, but some of us cannot eat those large portions. People will look at me like I'm crazy because I pay the extra just so I can have the kids portion; because after all I don't want my doc shaking his head at me about my A1C (my dr. is going to laugh when he reads that).

The point about eating right is to help yourself. Having diabetes means you have to take care of yourself. You have to watch what you eat and make sure you check yourself. Me, personally, I love life. If I have to make changes in my routine in order to stay alive.. I will. I may complain at first, but I will adjust.

When dealing with diabetes it is good to get along with your dr. You need to establish a relationship with them so that they can help you monitor your medical history. I learned the hard way about having a primary care physican..and from that experience I tell you..get one. If you are seeing someone right now that you do not click with, find someone who you do click with so that together you can fight this disease. Do not hate the dr. because they tell you your blood work looks bad...thank them and ask "how do we fix this". Remember, its about you..about how you're going to get better and live longer.