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So on a recent story a 9 year old girl aided her mother after she had a diabetic attack while driving a car. Now while the young girl received many compliments about how she was brave and smart, there were also some comments about how the mother shoud have her license removed. Having said that, a number of people jumped on board saying that all diabetics should have their license removed because they are "ticking time bomb".


okay people first of all...ticking time bombs...come on. Diabetics are not walking around just waiting to spaz out. Most diabetics have a routine set in place. Now does that mean that they are all perfect and that we have a far no.. it means that we are capable of a great many things; including driving.

Situations like with this mother and daughter are rare but sadly do happen. With many of these situations there is a lack of proper education and a lack of proper treatment. Some facts about diabetic education..there is not a lot out there. Diabetes is still a learn as you go disease. We are still learning how to handle the disease as we live with the disease. It is a frustrating disease because from the beginning you learn by trial and error. The same goes with treatment. Many people go through two or three different types of insulin just to learn which one works with their body. Then they have to learn how certain foods affect their insulin. THEN they have to learn how their everyday routine plus the food plus the insulin work together. Again, a very frustrating disease.

Having a diabetic attack for most diabetics is rare. Again, there are those who are not taking care of themselves that will have these attacks; but don't punish the lot for a few. Thats like shutting down every bar because a few choose to drive drunk. Or shutting down all fast food restuarants because a few have heart attacks while driving. Or shutting down all cell phones because people text and call while driving.

Diabetes is not an easy disease to live with. The disease itself makes you feel as if you no longer have control over your body, you body controls you. Like I said, if you don't know what diabetes is like, ask someone who does. Don't be critical, judgemental or rude... just take a moment to see how diabetics HAVE to live.