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Well it was great, but I am not able to go. I did get to meet (through email and such) a great many people who will be attending and they had some great stories to share. Although this is not on my to do list anymore I must say that I am excited for everyone who will be marching on the hill for this great cause.

Even though I will not be able to attend I will still continue to work just as hard here. My plate is half full and we haven't even hit the sixth month mark. We just finished our "Sugar Free Sweet Hearts" (blogged about earlier) and well that was awesome! I will be doing other events coming up here soon and then of course our great walk and health fair.

Finally I do hope that you all take a moment to visit our website on facebook. We are under El Campo Steps Out. I also hope you make plans to join us next year!!

Have a great one and I will be back with more to share!