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Every year for valentines I would go to lengths to find sugar free treats for my mom as a gift. Although we do have some available (thanks to the early advocate pioneers) some people still do not know that sugar free sweets are so easily obtainable. I started to randomly ask around and.found that quite a few people did not like valentines day and days similar because they cannot partake in the treat feasting..not because they were single. So of course it is project time! I posted on Facebook that I was going to give away 8 Valentine Gifts that were filled with sugar free treats. On valentines day we (me and my partner in crime Brooke Ochoa) personally delivered these treats.. and enjoyed the surprises. Although they were each special, one stood out and yes brought a tear to my eye.

A great kid named Caleb Luna. Caleb was anonymously nominated and when we contacted his mother for permission to surprise him he overheard about the surprise. The school the fourth grader attends was only allowing deliveries at a certain time. I waited in the office and one of the staff members was inquiring what group we were from and when I answered she knew who I was there to see. You see, when Caleb reported for his noon insulin shot he informed all that would hear that he was getting a special treat today because he has diabetes. He was so excited. When the time came Caleb arrived to the office walking so proudly and grinning from ear to ear. He gave me a hug before I could start..I explained to him that all the candy and cookies in his basket were sugar free he glowed. We took his picture and as he took inventory of what was in his gift he said "thank you" and headed back to his classroom to rejoin the party. I stood there thinking to myself...this is why you do what you do..

Remember all your school parties? They were full of friends and sweets and punch. Now think of how it would feel if you couldn't eat any of it. Kid like Caleb go thru this..looking like the oddball because he can't partake in the consumption of treats. Well, this time he was special because he recieved a special treat that was just for him. For one day his diabetes made him special in a positive way.

Again, that is why I do what I do.

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Happy Valentines to all!