So for those if you that do not know, I have another blog with my sister about movies. My sister and I live going to the movies..we love movies all together. We both enjoy different genres but we always attend the same ones for the experience. For example, she enjoys war movies where I like scary/suspense...yet we still go to the same shows.

For this blog I wanted to combine both blogs amd share some insight on movies that deal with diabetes or a form of it. Sadly, there are not that many that deal with diabetes. Why should they they you may ask, because we all know that when something becomes commonly seen (a movie) it is more acceptable. There are still so many people who go untested because they do not want to know nor do they want others to know that they are diabetic. When people see that sadly this disease is more common than you think, maybe they will come forward. You see, we need them to step out and make sure they are taking care of themselves. Here are some movies that touch on diabetes, some not the best example, but hey we are out there.

Hansel and Gretal

this movie is rated r for a reason okay so in this movie the main character, Hansel, has a disease. The disease was brought on by eating too much sugar and therefore he has to give himself shots. Yes this can easily be compared to insulin shots, however you do not simply get diabetes from eating too much sugar. Diabetes is caused by different reasons. So alsltjough this movies is at least making diabetes more known, it does feed a stereotype that we are trying to get rid of.

Mall Cop

In this movie the character Paul is diabetic, hypoglycemic. With diabetes you can either be hypo or hyper. Hyper means you are high and hypo means you are low. The symptoms for both are the same, you would actually have to do a fingerstick to know whether you are high or low. Hi or low it doesn't matter...they are both dangerous, which is what we see as the character tries to carry on with his employment duties. It is hard for diabetics to perform certain jobs, and sometimes people get discouraged or they begin to neglect themselves. What I do like is this movie's portrayal of a diabetic is that he keeps on trying.

Steel Magnolia

This by far is the earliest portrayal (that I know of) of a diabetic. Shelby, the main character is a type 1 diabetic. In the movie we watch as she struggles first with dealing that she should not have children due to her disease, and then she deals with the aftermath of having a child. Although this movie has a sad ending for Shelby, it is the honest truth. Women with diabetes take a huge risk, especially if they are considered "uncontrolled". As for the beauty salon scene, yes that is acurate..that does not all the time, but it has happened.

If you can think of others please feel free to share because I would like to see them. If you look through out cinema history you can see how movies affect socitey and what we do. I would very much like to see an unstereotyped portrayal of a diabetic in a great movie.

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