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   With the time change being delayed a week this fall, some have been confused about when it occurs. This is the weekend to roll the clocks back one hour. If you're a night owl, the proper time to do it is 2 a.m. Sunday. That means the sun will be coming up an hour earlier beginning Sunday.
   But for Saturday morning, the sun won't rise until 7:17. If you happen to be up an hour or so before that, take a look at the eastern sky for an interesting show of bright, pre-dawn objects.
   Earth & Sky is reporting that the moon, Venus, Saturn and Regulus will be among the brightest objects in the sky at that time. For more on that and for a star map to help you get oriented, click here.
   NOTE: The site was slow and sometimes timed out Friday morning, but the link is good. Hopefully that will get cleared up soon.