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My name is Don Mader. In the past, I posted as DonMader an before that as shurely-u-jest. I've been fighting a running battle with cancer for the last 18 months and haven't been up to posting here on the forum. When I tried to sign in yesterday, the Advocate no longer allowed me to post under DonMader.

At any rate, I'm not here to bore folks with details about my illness, although I'd probably answer most questions about it through the email system.

The forum layout seems to have changed and I don't see the names of many posters that I recognize. I do. of course, remember OLDRUSTYBUCKET, ZORO, and my old adversary "Mike". I look forward to jousting with him again.

I see we're back to collecting "friends" again - how cute...competing with Facebook and Twitter. I suppose I'll have to figure out how to suck up to people to get high following...perhaps by writing an interesting blog I guess.

I'll probably do a few rants about Obama when he does something "especially stupid", "uniquely stupid" or "stupid beyond belief". It is nice to see that some of the Demos are starting to wonder.

We've been blessed with three nice little rainstorms so far today - it looks like the remnants of my grass has already grown two inches.

I'll pause for now.