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I have never been a fan of Black Friday. I fully understand the intent of it but I see it more of a day of carrots dangling in front of consumers and the madness of waiting in line and in many cases camping out to purchase that one item at a basement deal. As you know this entire charade is a "child" of the business community and apparently it has caught on nationwide. In my opinion, the stores have gone to far this year. Many, if not most, are opening on Thanksgiving Day and in many cases disrupting the one traditional day that is set aside for family and friends to get together. There is just something very disturbing about Black Friday (and Thursday) that has never had not one iota of appeal to me. I just wished that the businesses would have settled into extending it into Saturday and left Thanksgiving Day without distractions and interruption. We had set aside 24 hours to give thanks and count our blessings however we now have to maximum of 21 hours and in the meantime friends and family members will have to excuse themselves so they can go to their favorite stores that are beckoning with their low priced carrots that will be gone before they get there. Asi es la vida!