I am a firm believer in family events and celebrations. I guess my biggest pet peeve is being a sports enthusiast and not being able to afford to take my family to a professional or college sports event. Two weeks ago when I attended a college basketball game, I waited until half time and made a dash to the concession stand. Can you believe it! A beer and a regular box of popcorn set me back twelve dollars. All I could do was laugh even though I had some thoughts going through my head that would not have been welcomed by the crowds around me had I expressed those thoughts verbally.

It gets worse. Last year I attended an NHL hockey game. By the time the game was over my wallet was eighty-two dollars lighter. My seat at the hockey game was three rows from the top. It was beyond the nose bleed section, I needed an oxygen tank to breath.

But I continue to go back to professional sporting events. We are a family of four. Last summer my wife and I decided it would be great to get together and enjoy a baseball game. Let me take you step by step in this scenario that is diminishing the number of families that can enjoy a sporting event without having to take out a second mortgage. I will begin with the expense of 2 nights in modest hotel, 2 rooms for seven hundred forty two dollars. Four tickets for admission to the baseball game was a bargain at fifty-six dollars per ticket. Parking at stadium was a cheap in comparison to everything else, that was a mere twenty dollars. Snacks and drinks at the game which included two hot dogs and two orders of nachos: seventy-four bucks.

A family night at a baseball game and I will just include our actual expenses associated with the night at the game was an astonishing three hundred eighteen dollars. That was for 4 tickets, parking, and snacks at the game. So much for family night outings at professional sport events.