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Politics and politicians are strange bedfellows. However politicians are different , in most cases, from you and I because of their egos and alter egos. The great majority of politicians are aggressive and self-centered.

I have no sympathy for liars, or adulterer, be it man or woman. But a politician, like Herman Cain who can stand before a camera with a convincing stare and state that the women who are accusing him of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or having an adulterous affair with him are lying and none of this incidents have ever happened. Herman Cain is the greatest low-life ever. Depending on how you count the number of women that Herman Cain has attempted to throw himself at, disguising himself as some “Don Juan” vary in number, but I believe that we can honestly say that at least 4 women have come forward with “allegations” involving Herman Cain and his attempts at sexual harassment or sexual assault. Now we have a woman who claims a 13 year adulterous relationship with Herman Cain. But the women are all lying! According to Herman Cain this is part of a conspiracy to ruin his campaign.

But, according to Herman Cain, the women are lying and do not have substantial evidence to prove their allegations. I am very familiar with how sexual harassment cases are handled and the paper trail is plentiful and all parties involved should have copies signed by all parties. Included in the documents there has to be a resolution that both parties agree to or else the case can go to the next tier as provided by federal law.

I am of the opinion that Herman Cain needs help. His memory cannot have that many lapses in it when incidents of this type are life changing experiences. I know that throughout my lifetime, I remember the awful, embarrassing experiences and those that humiliated me to the highest degree of shame and those that brought great joy and happiness.

Somewhere in all of the scenarios that are out in the open that involve Herman Cain, he will be caught not telling the truth and his political ambitions will be over. His admission of “mea culpa” should not even have minute hints of shock factor as there are many of us that know many Herman Cains; beyond their thick veils is an ego that is full of greed, disrespectful towards women and people, and believe that the world revolves around him. These same types usually self-destruct with their own vices. How did Herman Cain get this far and how much longer before he is exposed for what he really is?

And this culminates with the HERMAN CAIN TRAIN…WRECK! KAAABOOM!