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I read Kball's blog entitled "College Degree?PSSHHH" with great concern. What the New York Times article states is true that a college degree does not guarantee someone a comfortable, middle-class existence, there are other factors involved that need to be considered. That statement in itself has left out significant part of our student population..

There are those that will say that it is not the parents responsibility to send their children to college. I totally disagree with that school of thought. I want my children to have the best opportunities available to them. If that requires my wife and I to do some creative financing, then we will. As a parent, I would feel that my role as a parent is not complete until my children have had the opportunity to find their path in life and I am able to guide them along their chosen path. And both of my children are attending a university and I am satisfied with the personal goals they are striving to accomplish.

I would have been ecstatic if one or both of my children would have decided to attend a technical school or pursue another path that had opportunities for upward mobility. Pursuing a degree is not for everyone, however, those that wish to pursue a degree and are in a difficult position, have to make the determination if their pursuit of a certain major will outweigh what they may incur in the way of student loans. Let’s not neglect or minimize the role of the community college. Potential college and university students can complete for the most part their first 2 year in a community college and then transfer to a college or university. The savings is tremendous and the academic challenge is the same. After these first two years, students will be more mature and if they want to pursue a degree they will be more knowledgeable about where they would like to continue to fulfill their educational goals.

Students and young adults have to realize that the world that we live in today is a lot more demanding and college majors are still relevant. What is critical to all majors is that students have to insure that their majors has been upgraded to be relevant to today’s technological advances. Without the technological knowledge, you are going to be left out of the career market.

The biggest challenge is to the high school dropout and those with a high school diploma. Today’s world has changed and it will be extremely difficult for those that fall into this category to find employment that will allow them to earn a decent salary and a position that offers promotions. The biggest challenge will be to find a position that will offer a livable wage.

Perhaps this may have gone unnoticed, but before the war in Iraq, the branches of the military were not recruiting high school dropouts. The primary reason was because military weaponry is so sophisticated that the branches of the military needed to have recruits that could be trained in the these technical areas to operate the weapons and everyday military business.

So to young people I offer you my thoughts. Stay in school, graduate and shoot for the moon to find your path. Keep it simple, inexpensive, and always remember that learning is a life long experience. Whatever you do, think and act and be a part of your world that demands that you possess different skills and abilities than the generation of your parents.

If you know who you are, you know where you are going. Peace.