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Race relations at are at an all time low in this country. We have a propensity to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that what is festering is not there. In fact, those that bring up the subject are castigated by the media, politicians, law enforcement and those in position of leadership that are supposedly on top of trends in America.

The problems with race relations because of its sensitivity has been place on low priority in the past because no one wanted to admit that it was an open and festering wound, while there is also this naive segment that failed to see that anything is ever wrong.
Let's not forget that people of color die violent and horrible deaths daily and little is said. Take a look at the unemployment rate for people of color and that should tell you that something is drastically wrong in these communities. Compound that with the living and social conditions of the majority of people of color. Don't you think that this is a recipe for disaster.

It does not stop there. Let me bring to light a few other factors that are making matters worse for all. You have politicians like New Gingrich making statements that President Obama is the "food stamp president", and that poor school children should be given jobs cleaning schools to build their self esteem. Laws have been passed in some states that harass, humiliate, and profile Latinos regardless of their legal status. Even though they use the term "Mexican" when they speak of undocumented people, many of these folks are not from Mexico. We show no concern for other undocumented folks from Europe or Canada. Can that be because most of them are white?

Even though profiling is not legal, police still do it and get away with it. And who do they profile: people of color. People of color, in particular young people under 30,especially if there are 3 or 4 in a store are automatically suspect by their mere presence. Even women of color who find themselves in high end stores complain of clerks following them around and not extending courtesies as they do to white women in the stores.

Look at the upcoming election and you can plainly see the divide there. It is not Republicans vs Democrats. The lines have been drawn in the sand. Basically,it is white vs people of color. Perhaps not in a pure form, however, that is what you are looking at. Take away Healthcare Reform and you are harming so many people who are uninsured and those that have preexisting conditions. I must also point out that Texas has the most uninsured citizens. More that any other state, yet they want to repeal the Health Care Reform Act. It is currently in the hands of the Supreme court which will decide its legitimacy.

The racial divide is not a figment of someone's imagination. if you have not noticed the Trayvon Martin Case has become the tip of this insidious iceberg that is going to melt at anytime now and Iam praying that we are intelligent enough to diffuse this racial divide in a way that will allow us to restore decency, equality, and allow for a plan and its implementation that will bring us together as a nation. Perhaps we can continue our political discourse in an intelligent, civil, and democratic way without negative and false accusations.

We need to bring back sanity to America if we are to be the country we claim we are. I have hopes that we will go back to become one great nation and having the branches of the government working together to move the country forward.