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There have been many expressed concerns all across the political spectrum concerning the lack of experience should Mitt Romney emerges as the Republican Party nominee. Romney has exacerbated the point that he "will grow the economy". In the overall schema of a presidency, growing the economy is one of a multitude of tasks associated with the position of being the leader of the free world. The economy, according to experts is recovering and may take 6 or 7 years to recover regardless of who is the next president. Let;s not forget how complex the selection process for a Republican nominee has become and over half of the delegates are still up for grabs. There is great discontent by some influential right wing elements who would like to have anyone other than Romney as the Republican Party nominee for the fall election. There are rumors of a broker convention when the Republicans have their convention. I believe that this would be so traumatic for the party that their will be total chaos, infighting, and a rift of great magnitude within the ranks of the party. In addition Romney appears to be basically dwelling on his business background and ignoring the rest of the duties associated with the presidency. The selecting of a running mate may turn into a nightmare as he will have the different factions of the party attempting to have their choice become his running mate. I have not fully heard of his proposed policies on foreign affairs ,education, Medic-Care, Social Security, veteran affairs, rebuilding the national infrastructure, utilization of the armed forces or what he proposes to do with the national budget. In some instances, Romney has not divulged any proposed policies. He has huge obstacles to overcome with the recall election of Governor Walker in Wisconsin, the exposure of ALEC, Republican congressional seats hanging on threads, the attempts to destroy unions and the middle class, the war on women, and immigration reform. It is not a matter of Romney agreeing today and changing his mind later. If he makes it to the White House, he will have to be stern, firm, unwavering and committed to all Americans, not just the wealthy and corporations which is a reputation that he is having a difficult time shedding. At this point he is leading in the number of delegates, but I have a suspicion that this is only the precursor to a nasty, ugly, Republican convention. LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!