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It is a fact that the majority of our young citizens are not being prepared for the current trends in the job market.

Public and private schools need to make, in some cases, extreme changes to their existing curriculum so that their graduates who will continue with their education have the minimal skills for entry level jobs. Several thing come to mind that may prevent schools from achieving their goals. Perhaps the schools and districts missions are antiquated and they are failing in preparing students.

I know that one of the major obstacles if not the primary obstacle is the cost of technology and the lack of qualified educators. As we all know the state of the economy over the last 3-4 years has seen school budgets reduced and slashed drastically. In some states,districts have terminated the school year early due to lack of funds and in some cases school districts have filed for bankruptcy and chained the school doors. In most cases districts do not have the money to provide the technology and software required to meet the demands to educate our students.

The technology is costly and would require replacement with new generations of technology to stay abreast in preparing students for the job market. That speaks for itself and makes a solid case that students need to continue their education for at least 2 more years. Where they continue does not matter but for those that do it will in fact make a difference in their marketability when it comes to finding a decent job, that may offer upward mobility and a livable wage.

Of course there are exceptions and some young people will graduate from high school and find employment that will offer all of the above. However if you do the research, jobs are getting more technical and employers are looking for employees that have been exposed to and possess current technical skills.

Lastly, I look at the those that would spend all their time and energy in institutions of higher learning majoring in areas that are critical for student success: technology, whether it is computer science, computer engineering, etc.

It takes a very committed individual that will want to spend their time in an overcrowded classroom with outdated equipment, low pay, poor working conditions, and being battered by politicians, parents, and the media. Some will go that route and teach, but on the other hand those that find a position working in their area of expertise will probably begin at twice the salary of a teacher and the benefits package will be more comprehensive. They will also work in their field, apply their skills, and grow as their employer must stay abreast of the current trends if they are to be competitive.

We have to take a hard look at what we are doing to our students in demanding that they stay in school and I believe that they should. However we must also take a look at the education we are currently providing and make it relevant and meaningful. It is not too late, but we can't afford to lose more time