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It is a with disgust, confusion, disappointment, and awe that at this time there is some speculation that Marco Rubio may be Romney's running mate in the 2012 presidential election. Marco Rubio is bright, intelligent, vibrant, articulate, young, and has attracted many followers. He is the darling of the Tea Party.

There is a great misconception, even with the media pundits that all Latinos think alike, are of the same mindset, and will vote for a candidate simply because he is Latino. That is so remote from being true, however the media continually insists that if Rubio is selected as Romney's running mate, he will swing some of the Latino vote to the Republican side.

Let me point out that the majority of Latino voters are of Mexican descent and while all that come from Spanish speaking countries are all painted with the same brush and classified as Latinos, we are very different in our politics and cultures. A good percentage of Cuban and Cuban Americans are Republicans and have always been loyal to the GOP. Most voters of Mexican descent and the other large Latino constituency, the Puerto Ricans, are also traditionally Democrats.

The confusion comes from the media not taking time to research what they don't know. The media, in general, does not have thorough knowledge on all subjects, yet, they believe that they do. When it comes to immigration reform, Rubio has spoken several times on this subject and in some areas departs from the overall Republican thought on this issue. He has spoken on his version of the Dream Act, which would allow students to attend institutions of higher learning or serve in honorably in the military to obtain permanent residency status. What is the purpose of serving and perhaps dying for a country that does not honor you as a citizen. If you are a casualty while serving in the military under Marco's proposal, you die without a country that you call home. I am sure that a proposal like this if it is written as a bill would be highly criticize and probably would not make it to the floor of the HOR.

Immigration reform is just one of the issues of this election. Latinos are just as concerned about the economy, housing, education, health care reforms and all other issues that are of concern to voters.

The Republicans do not stand a chance on swinging the Latino vote. All of the things that they said in the debates about Latinos and immigration reform, approval of Sheriff Arpaio, the laws that have been passed in Arizona, South Carolina, and Alabama with the endorsement of Republicans has made it extremely clear to all Latinos who voted Democrat in 2008, to the same. I am sure that those that have registered to vote between 2008 to the present will follow suit and support the Democratic Party in November. The Democratic Party is and will continue to be the party of the vast majority of Latinos.