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What is it about this year's scramble for the republican nominee that has had so many twists and turns, ups and downs, and the candidates playing dirty pool with the exception of Ron Paul.

There is Mitt Romney with his deep pockets but his message does not get across the way he would like. Romney continues to have an image problems and with all of the money that he has spent on ads attacking his opponents and President Obama, he has failed to convince the majority of republican factions that he is the one they should support. Traditionally, the candidate with the most money has had the advantage over those that have very little. The voters seem to not care how many times he sings "America The Beautiful", they just do not have that much interest in supporting him.

However, on the other hand, Rich Santorum, who has very little money, but spends a lot of time talking to voters, and continues to deliver his conservative message appears to have made this a 2 candidate race: himself and Romney. Santorum's message however continues to alienate many voters, particularly women. That may be Santorum's downfall, women make up 50% of the voters and as he delivers his messages of anti-contraception, anti-abortion even in cases of rape or incest that affects all voters across the board. While he may be getting a good percentage of the voters, this is just leading up to the convention to see who will emerge as the GOP candidate for POTUS. While I am convinced that Santorum really believes in all that he is espousing to the republican voters, I would venture to say that the American voter is not looking to vote him into the White House if he becomes the presidential nominee.

If we go back a couple of months Newt Gingrich suggested to Santorum that he should drop out of the race. Gingrich had some momentum going his way and he was competing with Romney prior to the emergence of Santorum. Perhaps it was the personal and political baggage associated with the one time Speaker of the House that his appeal to the voters took a downturn. It almost looks like Santorum should repay the favor and ask him drop out of contention.

Ron Paul has been very consistent in his message to the voters and he has a base of very loyal voters that are in tune with him. The problem with Paul's campaign is that he will not make it to be the nominee, but he will have enough delegates and support at the convention to be a power player. And that may be all he wants; a platform to present at the convention and have an impact on the GOP's agenda for the future.

I don't understand why there have been so many debates without substance. As to how the candidates messages will unfold and how they will make things different for this nation is still a mystery to me. I am tired of listening to the meaningless rhetoric, the pointless attacks on each other, the negative ads, and what the current administration should do or is doing wrong. Tell us what you would do differently. Don't insult my intelligence with BS, give me substance, truths, and a plan that will turn this country around. My vote is my ticket to the future of the country as I see it and whomever vows to fulfill my needs, gets my vote regardless of party affiliation. It is that simple and easy. Stop wasting money and my time. If you want to be lead this country, show it by being dignified, by being aware of the issues, having a plan to resolve the issues, and be inclusive in your plans to provide all Americans with a brighter future.